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Hey, I’m Kate.

I create heart-centered digital marketing strategies for female wellness professionals, who are ready to get visible and become an authority in the online space, so they can strategically share their powerful messages and build a community of raving fans and clients.

Are you tired of creating content that falls flat or using the hope & prayer method when you post in Facebook groups?

It doesn’t have to be this way, and the good news is that 99% of the time it has nothing to do with your content.  Crazy, right?

A heart-centered digital marketing strategy ensures your content lands in the right hands and gently guides quality leads through the journey of becoming your next happy clients and raving fans.

An effective digital marketing strategy is audience specific, benefits focused, and goal-driven.

Has marketing your business left you feeling like you just aren’t cut out for online biz?  Or maybe you are doubting your abilities or whether there is enough room in the market for you…  You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

We have new ideas and strategies hurled at us daily through paid ads and email marketing.  How in the world are you supposed to know what is right for you?  Maybe you have watched some of those webinars and tried implementing your learnings, or tried to mimic what you see others doing but just don’t get any traction.  Perhaps you have even bought all the best tools and prescheduled all your content and tried the “set it & forget it” method…

Marketing your business is about more than just posting fun memes and inspirational quotes across your social media.  It’s even more than creating a bombproof webinar or a perfect sales funnel.  Marketing that produces quality leads and sales on autopilot comes down to knowing your business and your audience better than you know your bestie or your first-born child.  Then setting specific goals, and getting yourself in front of the right people who need YOU now.

Achieving all of this comes from having a quality digital marketing strategy built in alignment with the needs of your business, your audience, and your dreams.

That’s why I help female wellness professionals just like you to define their messaging, get clarity on their services, and built a heart-centered digital marketing strategy that gets them seen and heard so they can become the go-to authority and expert in their niche, without wasting hours, that they don’t have, endlessly pinning, posting, and scrolling trying to scrounge up their next paying clients.



A free digital marketing & strategy focused community for female entrepreneurs

& small business owners to up-level their marketing, collaborate and grow together.

“As the owner of a fast paced business, my focus is continually split between client service, creative output, marketing, and team management. The days are always too short to accomplish all that needs to be done. Just when I felt like I was about to drown in it all, along came a wonder woman named Kate Wratten.

Kate has an uncanny ability to anticipate what needs to be done before I can even utter the request. She knows how to ask the right questions, takes initiative to deliver the best quality support and “product” and to do so in the best interest of my company. What more could any business owner ask for?

Throw in a side order of deep team spirit, respect for other team members, timeliness as well as excellent time use and a keen desire to see her client’s company and initiatives succeed.

Kate is, in short, a heaven send.

Kate shines in her expertise and is the 3rd contractor I’ve hired. I recommend her without reservation. The question any savvy business owner should ask themselves about Kate is not “Should I hire her?”, but rather “How soon can I hire her?”


Donna Hoffman, Owner, Interiors by Donna Hoffman
CEO and Chief Vision Officer, The Interior Design Advocate


“I really can’t say enough about Kate. My business simply would not be where it is without her. In terms of launching and digital marketing, she has had my back in every area and foresaw things I didn’t even know I had to look at.  She has worked with my time constraints and has helped me get organized and feel effective in the way I am delivering my content. Her copy skills, positive attitude, driven demeanor, and incredible patience is not easy to be found in this industry and I feel grateful!” Shelley Ugyan

Transformational Success Coach, Shelley Ugyan