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Hey, I’m Kate.

I empower female entrepreneurs to design their dream business by utilizing my success trifecta strategy to get visibile, attract a tribe of raving fans, and work inside their zone of genius so they can breakthrough their income plateaus, stop wasting their time and spend more quality time with their families.

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried it all when it comes to designing your dream business, but you haven’t achieved the results you wanted. Your opportunities are endless but also pointless if you’re not getting visible, wasting time on menial tasks, or not building meaningful relationships. The fact is that it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on your business if you’re facing more ebb than flow, feeling completely burnt out, or buried under an endless list of questionable tasks.


An effective business success strategy is visibility boosting, efficiency focused, and goal-driven.

Designing your business doesn’t have to be difficult. Knowing your products or services and target audience inside and out, setting specific goals, and getting yourself in front of the right people who need your offers now, are crucial to designing a successful business that produces quality leads and best of all, automated sales. 

That’s why I help female entrepreneurs just like you to achieve their six-figure goals by conquering visibility, skyrocketing engagement, and working less through marketing audits, strategy creation, and process-mapping
. You can streamline, automate, and enhance your business without blowing your budget while using current resources and organic marketing to crush your business goals this year. 

Achieving all of this comes from having clarity around your business goals and a quality, heart-centered success strategy built in alignment with the needs of your business, your audience, and your dreams. 

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels, trying the latest business growth trends and getting nowhere, schedule a call with me today. With the extensive list of new ideas hurled at us every day through emails and social media, it’s no wonder you’re stuck and confused wondering what to do next and how to achieve the results you desire. 

Don’t wait any longer. You can achieve your business goals. Schedule a call to learn more about the untapped opportunities of integrating clarity, efficiency, and automation into your current business success efforts and how my Success Trifecta strategy and marketing expertise can work for you. 


A free marketing & strategy focused community for female entrepreneurs

& small business owners to up-level their businesses, collaborate and grow together.

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“As the owner of a fast paced business, my focus is continually split between client service, creative output, marketing, and team management. The days are always too short to accomplish all that needs to be done. Just when I felt like I was about to drown in it all, along came a wonder woman named Kate Wratten.

Kate has an uncanny ability to anticipate what needs to be done before I can even utter the request. She knows how to ask the right questions, takes initiative to deliver the best quality support and “product” and to do so in the best interest of my company. What more could any business owner ask for?

Throw in a side order of deep team spirit, respect for other team members, timeliness as well as excellent time use and a keen desire to see her client’s company and initiatives succeed.

Kate is, in short, a heaven send.

Kate shines in her expertise and is the 3rd contractor I’ve hired. I recommend her without reservation. The question any savvy business owner should ask themselves about Kate is not “Should I hire her?”, but rather “How soon can I hire her?”


Donna Hoffman, Owner, Interiors by Donna Hoffman
CEO and Chief Vision Officer, The Interior Design Advocate

Your Business Success is MY




“I really can’t say enough about Kate. My business simply would not be where it is without her. In terms of launching and digital marketing, she has had my back in every area and foresaw things I didn’t even know I had to look at.  She has worked with my time constraints and has helped me get organized and feel effective in the way I am delivering my content. Her copy skills, positive attitude, driven demeanor, and incredible patience is not easy to be found in this industry and I feel grateful!” Shelley Ugyan

Transformational Success Coach, Shelley Ugyan