Does the thought of running a webinar both excite AND terrify you?


All the heavy hitters are using webinars to massively level up their biz and connect with their tribe. But if you’ve never done it before, it can seem super overwhelming.


You might be thinking, “I wish there was someone who could hold my hand through it!”


Oh – there is! Me & my AMAZING team!


I’m Kate, The Webinista, and my mission is to make sure your webinar is a lean, mean, engaging machine!


I pull busy entrepreneurs out of webinar overwhelm with a defined, heart-centered strategy and expert tech support. I take your webinars from stressful to successful!


Listen, I know you are crazy smart and driven and are used to DIY’ing it all. But letting me support you in your webinar adventure will save you time, money, trial-and-error frustrations and loneliness.


Instead of feeling overwhelmed, burdened, confused and alone, I will be right there from start to finish to help you feel supported and be successful.


We will have fun, laugh together AND get results! I can’t think of a better combo than that!  (Well, maybe dark chocolate and wine…but that will be for celebrating after a crazy successful webinar for you!)


I started in the virtual assistant world four years ago and have honed my skills and expertise in the webinar sector of this world of limitless opportunities! Bottom line is I am a heart-centered leader that loves to support fellow passionate, heart-centered femmepreneurs.


If you find yourself thinking, “Awesome sauce!” let me break this down and explain how it works.


I have the ability to help you with literally everything you need for your first (or next!) webinar. We cover everything:


  • Heart-centered strategy
  • Technology support
  • Perfecting your pitch
  • Powerful presentations


  • Plus I am a Certified Webinar Specialist (NO ONE else has this!)


And not only do I get you up and running with continued support through the webinar launch, we also can assist you in repurposing your webinar for:

  • Marketing
  • Sales materials
  • Audiobook!


Whaaat!?! So many options!


All you have to do is show up and be awesome. We will take care of the rest.


The Kativa Team is currently accepting an exclusive few new clients right now!

So, if you have been hearing whispers of webinars from your subconscious (or your biz coach, or your team, etc), we should hop on a completely free Insight Call to chat through your options for an incredible webinar. Girl, it’s so much more possible than you think! Lemme show ya!


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