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The Top 3 Features to Consider When Choosing Your Webinar Platform

January 22, 2018
Posted by kate

Picking a webinar platform is kind of like buying a new car.   There are SO many options. So many choices, and you have to compare each of them to find the best option for you.   The benefit to buying a new car is that you have a salesman to guide you through the […]


Is Your Webinar Converting? The 7 Stats You Need to Know

October 9, 2017
Posted by kate

  You’ve put in the work, and your webinar is finally out in the world. So exciting! But now it’s time to look at your numbers and see if your webinar is actually converting.   It can be hard to figure out if your numbers are just average or if you knocked it out of […]

9 Simple Steps to Setting up Your Webinar

September 25, 2017
Posted by Emily Dean

I know you’ve been thinking about webinars for awhile.  Afterall, who doesn’t want to grow their list, sell their products or services, and showcase themselves as an expert?   I also know that you are frozen with fear because you have no idea how to get started or what pieces of the puzzle you need […]


3 Ways You’re Screwing Up Your Webinars

August 14, 2017
Posted by kate

Let’s be honest, we all have great intentions when hosting webinars.  We all want to stand out, serve, and sell.  The 3 big “S” words of webinars.  The problem is that we are no longer hosting with the primary intent to serve.  Our priorities are now self #1, customer #2.   Folks, this is where […]


Your Unconventional Guide to Webinars

August 7, 2017
Posted by kate

Thought you knew everything there was to know about webinars?  Nope!   There are some sneaky new tactics in town, and although they are crazy unconventional, they are kicking some serious webinar butt…   Here are 7 unconventional ways to revamp your webinars:     1. Stop talking about yourself – less talk about you […]


The Webinar Revolution

July 31, 2017
Posted by Emily Dean

Webinars have long been a sales tool. They have served their purpose and many businesses have skyrocketed thanks to a well-crafted webinar.   It wasn’t long ago that the world of webinars changed. A great tool became poorly used and we were inundated with poorly structured, strategy-lacking webinars which lead to the down-turn of a […]


19 Facts About Webinars That Will Impress Your Friends

July 24, 2017
Posted by kate

Ready to hold your own during a game of webinar Trivial Pursuit?  These 19 facts will not only boost your webinar knowledge, but also guide you to hosting your best webinar yet!   1. The word webinar was a result of combining of the words “web” and “seminar”. 2. The best day of the week […]


How Webinars are Bringing Sexy Back

July 11, 2017
Posted by kate

Webinars and masterclasses are good for more than just selling.  Until recently webinars have been primarily used for selling, which they are great for, but unfortunately this also lead to the downturn of the webinar…   Why?   Well, it got to the point that as soon as people saw the word “webinar” they hightailed […]


5 Tips to the Perfect Webinar Audio

April 24, 2017
Posted by Emily Dean

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, they will help us keep this site up and running AND keep it ad free! Please check out our […]


Why Your Webinars Aren’t Converting and How To Fix It

April 17, 2017
Posted by Emily Dean

Do you find yourself talking to an empty virtual room every time you host a webinar?   You’re not alone! But it’s not the webinar’s fault.   It’s time we STOP blaming the webinar – or whatever you want to call it – and START looking at ourselves.   Does the thought of sitting down […]

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