“As the owner of a fast paced business,  my focus is continually split between client service, creative output, marketing, and team management. The days are always too short to accomplish all that needs to be done.  Just when I felt like I was about to drown in it all, along came a wonder woman named Kate Wratten.


Kate has an uncanny ability to anticipate what needs to be done before I can even utter the request. She knows how to ask the right questions, takes initiative to deliver the best quality support and “product” and to do so in the best interest of my company. What more could any business owner ask for?


Throw in a side order of deep team spirit, respect for other team members, timeliness as well as excellent time use and a keen desire to see her client’s company and initiatives succeed.


Kate is, in short, a heaven send.


Kate shines in the VA world and is the 3rd VA I’ve hired.  I recommend her without reservation. The question any savvy business owner should ask themselves about Kate is not “Should I hire her?”, but rather “How soon can I hire her?”


Donna Hoffman, Owner, Interiors by Donna Hoffman
CEO and Chief Vision Officer, The Interior Design Advocate





I would like to personally recommend Kate Wratten and her Virtual Assistant Services.  Despite the fact that Kate is in a time zone three hours behind our location, in another country, and scheduling her life around a different set of  Holidays (days off), she is just as much a part of our team as the people that physically show up for work in our office.  Kate is handling the complicated technical side and Customer Service aspects of our business, and needless to say a part of our business that we cannot facilitate or maintain on our own.  It is reassuring to know that Kate is on the case and attacks problems and issues rapidly and expertly with only the best interest of our company in mind.  She is terrific at problem solving and always approaches these types of situations logically and methodically.  She always takes a proactive approach to the tasks at hand, and we couldn’t be happier having her on the team.


I cannot imagine our company succeeding and moving forward without her assistance.  I would consider her a invaluable asset to our team and to any team looking to add virtual support.”


Steve Hoffman, Director of Operations and Branding, Interiors by Donna Hoffman





“I really can’t say enough about Kate. My business simply would not be where it is without her. In terms of launching, she has had my back in every area and foresaw things I didn’t even know I had to look at.  She has worked with my time constraints and has helped me get organized and feel effective in the way I am delivering my content. Her copy skills, positive attitude, driven demeanor, and incredible patience is not easy to be found in this industry and I feel grateful!”


Shelley Ugyan, Transformational Success Coach


“Since opening our business, Surgical Conference Solutions, in 2015 Kate has been key to our success. Excellent administrative skills, spot on editing and quick response time make Kativa Business Solutions a great choice.”


– Heather Roderick, Director, Surgical Conference Solutions





“Although Camp Mom is nearly over, I intend to use your services again very soon.  You have been amazing and I can’t imagine having done this without your help.”


– Patricia Ribeiro Wolfson, Jump Start for Change




“As a writer and a career coach, I interview a lot of people. I use Kate for all of my transcription needs, because she does an amazingly good (and fast) job. If you need an organized and detail-orientated virtual assistant as your right hand, I would definitely recommend that you hire Kate.”


– Maria Lironi, Career Strategist and Business Writer, Love Your Work Coaching




“I really appreciate all the work you’ve done for me, and I will definitely refer you to others.”


– Riada


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