New Year, New Goals

December 18, 2017
Posted by kate

Okay, I have to admit…  I used to DREAD goal setting.


Each time I sat down to craft the perfect goals for a new year, I always felt like it was doomsday.  Setting myself up for failure before I even began…


The problem with my goal setting process was that I was pulling these fancy ideals out of fairytales and not putting my heart on the table to identify what would truly make me gleeful and giddy if I accomplished, or even better exceeded my goals.


Not only that, but I didn’t create a plan of action to actually tackle these goals head on. I know, I know, it was a disaster waiting to happen.


The good news is that I’ve learned my lesson after years of “failures” and now I can create goals that have meaning and passion behind them, which then fuels the plan of action and motivation to go for it and aim high.


If you lean in real close and promise to listen real good, I’ll share with you a few my favourite practices when it comes to goal setting from the heart.


Most importantly, prepare for your goal setting session in advance or set aside enough time to really dig deep in the moment to identify your passions, blocks, and triggers.


What’s Stopping You?

Why start with the negative? Because the things that you are scared of, the things holding you back are going to be what actually drives your goals, and also be the key players in what will stop you from accomplishing them. Once you have those identified, you are that much closer to overcoming them and pushing forward to even greater success. Give yourself time to journal, reflect, and identify where you have struggled with your goals in the past.


What’s Your Big Dream?


Next, you get to have some fun and start dreaming.  What do you desire?  It can be materialistic, lofty, or something small.  If it would make you unbelievably happy, at ease, or simplify life for you in some way then go for it, babe!  Don’t hold back and just free write, and let it all flow from your pen.


Take Action!


Next identify at least 3 crucial actions you must take to kickstart these goals.  Map out what you have to do to get there.  After all, the universe responds to positive vibes and action.  Turn on your favourite songs, get high vibe, and take some action.  If the first step isn’t something you can do in the moment, then schedule it.  Don’t tell yourself you will get to it by the end of the week or at some point next week – MAKE THE TIME.


Once you initiate this process and have a clear actionable path to getting where you want, knowing why you want to get there or obtain that goal, and what could possibly hold you back from getting what you desire then you are virtually unstoppable.


Keep your minds eye on the end goal, take action towards it each day, and remember that only you can stop yourself from achieving your deepest and greatest desires. You got this, girl. Now is your time to take the leap and go for it strategically and intentionally.


What is one goal you have set for yourself to accomplish in 2018?


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