Uncovering Your Most Productive Week Yet

January 15, 2018
Posted by kate

We’ve all been there…


Monday rolls around and you feel like you are already struggling to tread water. You spend the first part of the morning getting everyone out the door and to their destinations and spend the rest of the morning getting your own crap together so you can make the most of the afternoon – hopefully that turns into some form or productivity…


We all know the day ends leaving you feeling even further behind that you started.


Would you believe it if I told you that spending 30-minutes on Sunday evening doing a little prep work could lead to a killer week?


If you’re anything like me, Sunday’s are precious. Who am I kidding? The whole weekend is in my house.


Weekends are our time to spend time together as a family, get tasks done around the house, and have some downtime after a busy week of work, business, preschool, and kids activities.


Like most households, weekdays are busy for us. My husband often works long days, I have clients to support with constant incoming requests to juggle, plus the demands of a three-nager, part-time preschool, swimming, and soccer.  Yep, it can be a bit of a juggling act – but I know that it is only going to get crazier come March when our newest addition arrives.


By spending a few minutes on a Sunday evening, I have found a way to ease into Monday morning and actually ENJOY my coffee before heading out the door. PLUS, I end the day, and ultimately the week, on a super productive note.


These small tweaks to my Sunday evening routine have lead to uber productivity throughout the week, less stress, and everyone in our household is benefiting.


1. Take 15-30 minutes to sit down and review your schedule for the week. Make sure that you have everyone’s appointments, activities, work schedules, and special events written on your calendar so you can schedule accordingly.


2. Identify the holes in your schedule and see what you can fit into those gaps – even if it is self-care! I often try to fit in my business tasks in these slots such as content creation, invoicing, etc. along with a relaxing massage, a walk, or a trip to the grocery store – sans toddler.


3. Do any prep work you can in that moment to prepare for a smooth Monday morning – ie. check the laundry hampers and run any necessary loads, lay out the kid’s school clothes, make lunches, lay out breakfast items, and prepare backpacks so they are ready to go in the morning.


4. Write a list of meals for the week and what you will need to buy to make them become a reality on those busy nights. Want a gold star? Make the list and grocery shop in advance so Sunday night can be for meal prep for those extra busy evenings.


5. Do a quick tidy up – and have the whole family help. This is HUGE in our house. Waking up Monday to a tidy home makes everything run smoother. My son picks up his toys, my husband and I tackle the vacuuming and kitchen tidy up and to wrap things up my husband does bathrooms while I straighten the bedrooms and change out dirty bedding.


Want to orient this method more for work preparation than household? No problem!


What about identifying upcoming projects and setting some timelines?


Pesky errands that need to be done? Schedule them in.


Emails waiting to send off later in the week? Write them now and use an app to schedule them to send out later in the week.


You get the drill. It is all about planning, prioritizing, and taking initiative.


The first Sunday I tried this, I couldn’t believe how accomplished I felt in that moment. No joke!  I sat down to watch a show before bed and enjoy some quiet time with my husband, and I was actually able shut my mind off from my constant to-do list and just relax.


Now, I do my best to keep this to under 30-minutes, but I’ll admit that some days it goes over and some days it is done in 15. It depends on what kind of a week (or weekend) it has been and what we have going on that week.


Some weeks I have extras that I add to my list, such as a little craft for my son to take to his preschool class on a special occasion, or extra snacks to prepare for after-school activities but I do my best to keep this time compact and as minimally demanding as possible. After all, it is Sunday afternoon and the LAST thing I want to do is spend my time thinking of everything that is waiting for me come Monday morning!


With a little mindful preparation and organization, my weeks have become less overwhelming, more productive and just downright more enjoyable. I encourage you to give it a try and share your tips and feedback in the comments below!


How has pre-planning your week streamlined your life?


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