The Infusionsoft Integration That Is Changing the Face of Marketing Automation

January 29, 2018
Posted by kate

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We all know Infusionsoft has earned itself the nickname “Con-fusionsoft” over the years, and rightly so.


It is an in-depth program that has so much to offer and can be incredibly overwhelming to a newbie. That said, it is POWERFUL. Infusionsoft can work miracles, and then some. Once I completed some Infusionsoft trainings and really got my hands dirty, I quickly fell in love.


This program is very visual which is perfect for me. I love being able to see my campaigns all mapped out and be able to easily track down miscommunications and campaign errors or better yet, identify where things can be simplified and streamlined.


Speaking of which, I have recently uncovered an Infusionsoft integration that literally changed how I use Infusionsoft AND how my clients run their campaigns – no joke.


This integration is a game-changer and make all campaigns simpler, more efficient, and most importantly, sales machines.


Have you heard of PlusThis?  


If not, start researching.  


PlusThis has 50+ add-ons for your email marketing campaigns that will have you upping your automation A-game and creating some massive results.  


I don’t even know where to start with this one, but my absolute favourite add-on so far is the GoToWebinar connection which allows you to utilize your OWN reminder emails that contain the unique GTW join links for each registrant, plus it can store the webinar information within your Infusionsoft contact record and identify who did, or did not, attend and SO much more!


How about the SMS Messaging add-on that allows you to send SMS reminders and alerts for $0.005. That is NOT a typo. For half of a cent, you can send an SMS reminder and recapture your lead’s attention so they don’t forget crucial deadlines, expiry dates, webinar times, and so much more.


I’ll be honest, I had to get their support team to confirm the rate wasn’t a mistake when I first saw that.  


We all know that in today’s fast paced world that in-your-face marketing gets results. Well, I’d say there is nothing better than inexpensive, in-your-face marketing.


Can I get an amen?


What about countdown timers, expiring offers, time-frame triggers, and one-click upsells that manage themselves?


Say what?!


Yep, all of these features (and 50+ more) are included in their base-level account. One monthly fee, of less than $100, and you can completely change your business. It’s a no-brainer, really.


(Want to save 15% off your PlusThis standard monthly or annual plan? Click HERE)


The benefits to all of this?


Draw in more customers. Better track your leads. Reduce the man-hours required to maintain your marketing.  Improved customer targeting. I could keep going, if you wish…


I’m not saying what you currently having going isn’t working, but what I am saying is that there is a ton of opportunity to improve and define what you already have using ONE simple tool.


I should also mention, that it is SO easy and their support team is killer. I’m talking, responds in under 24hrs, gives you solid guidance, and knows their stuff on all things Infusionsoft and marketing.


I may have forgotten to mention there is a PlusThis 30-day free trial so you have nothing to lose. Get out there and try it – and when you see massive results you can send me a little love note of appreciation or chocolate…




Kind of.

Just try it for yourself and leave a comment below on what your favourite PlusThis feature is, or even share another great Infusionsoft integration that you love!

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Unleash the POWER Webinar!
Discover the Power Webinar strategy and start increasing your sales with less time, money, and effort. This is YOUR chance to start winning with webinars!
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