Entrepreneurship & The Holiday Season: My Secrets to Preparing Your Biz for the Holiday Cheer

December 4, 2017
Posted by kate

Are you ready for the 2017 holiday season?


For some of you, you may have just wrapped up tasty Thanksgiving feasts, followed by a weekend of shopping and delight. For others, you may have been preparing your home for the December holiday festivities for weeks.


In my house, although we are Canadian, we wait until after the American Thanksgiving holiday before we launch into full holiday mode. The holidays are a big event around here, and we LOVE to get into the spirit.


I may be slightly embarrassed to share that my son and I have been rocking out to Christmas tunes for several weeks and the outdoor decorations are up and eagerly awaiting December 1st to be turned on in all their glory.


My Christmas gifts are purchased, and it is taking everything I can to hold off from wrapping them already.  Luckily, my son is only 3 so he hasn’t wrapped his mind around the fact his presents are tidily piled in a corner of my office, but I know it won’t be long before I am seeking out every possible hiding place within my home to keep Christmas morning a fun surprise.


It all sounds pretty peachy – gifts bought, outdoor decorations up, Christmas songs playing in the background…  It’s pretty great, but it dawned on me that although my personal holiday prep is going better than ever, perhaps I should be paying a little more attention to the business side of things in these terms as well.


Reflect and Set Goals


There are a few key things I do to prepare my business for December and the inevitable quiet time that takes place in the final weeks of the year.  Part of my process is to evaluate the year past to acknowledge areas of growth and those of weakness, as well as setting goals and strategizing for new ventures for the new year.  It is so important to remember where you have come from, what obstacles you have faced, and praise yourself for getting to where you are as the year comes to an end.


Client Appreciation


Not only is it so important to spend time reflecting, but I also take the time to prepare some small client gifts of appreciation.  I LOVE my clients.  I spend a great amount of time vetting clients to ensure we are a match, and let me tell you, it pays off big time. I have the most amazing client base who are heart-centered, passionate, and oh so driven. I absolutely love each and every one of them. As the year closes out, I take the opportunity to send them each a little something along with a personalized card to wish them an amazing holiday season, but most importantly acknowledge the vast opportunities that await us in 2018 and how we will continue to grow and expand together. These little sentiments are always well received and are simply one more way of showing how much we care over here at Kativa.


Vacation Time


Planning on taking some time off over the holidays to step away and really enjoy this special time of year?  Mid-December is the perfect time to set up an autoresponder for your email that reminds clients and new inquiries that you are away but that you will respond to any communications promptly upon your return.  Not able to fully step away?  Consider implementing some systems and processes to make this possible next year, including hiring a virtual assistant manage your inbox and keep your business flowing while you keep the rum and eggnog holiday cheer flowing.


Get Your Books Organized


Finally, it is crucial to prepare for the big event that awaits each and everyone one of in Q1 of a new year – tax time.  I take December as my opportunity to gather any receipts I haven’t already submitted through HubDoc and ensure my mileage logs and expense tracking is up-to-date so that when my tax preparer comes knocking, I can confidently hand over a tidy stack of documents and she can go on her merry way and work her own magic.


December is a time for reflection, joy, love, and preparation in every aspect of our lives – whether you like it or not. So why not sit down with a glass of bubbly to celebrate all your successes, while tackling some of those less-enjoyable tasks – whatever those may be for you.


What are your favourite aspects of preparation for the holidays and a brand new year in life and business?


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