Declutter Your Biz in 3 Simple Steps

November 13, 2017
Posted by kate

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With 3 quarters under our belts, it’s no wonder you feel a little buried in clutter.  It’s been a busy year and you’ve likely not had a chance to tidy up those loose ends and get things back under control.


Not to worry! I’ve put together a list of 3 quick fixes to tidy up your biz and get you ready to rock your final quarter.  Nevermind being prepared to take on a whole new and beautiful 2018!


Firstly, take a moment to file all those receipts that are piling up.  Bonus points: upload them into your accounting program or send them to your bookkeeper to manage for you. Not only will you be on track, you’ll set yourself up for a smooth tax season (and who doesn’t love that??).


Next up, clear out those old client files.  If you are no longer working with a client, archive the files and if it is an ongoing client just tidy them up so you know exactly where everything is when the client asks.  Nothing makes me happier than opening an organized Google Drive!


Now those tasks are tidied up, it’s time to tackle your email list.  Most of the time, we are paying for our email provider based on list size so it just makes sense to tidy that sucker up!  Remove those duplicates, clean out the unengaged subscribers, and map out an awesome re-engagement sequence to get those folks back onboard and reading what you are throwing down every week!


Wrap up these 3 tasks and you’ll back on the freeway to success and kick that stress and overwhelm to the curb.  Nothing like a tidy office, a clear view of your finances, and an “in love with you” list to make you feel fabulous and clear out the cobwebs for new goals and clear sailings!


What’s your favourite way to get yourself back on track?


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