You are a FABULOUS femmepreneur, but technical and marketing overwhelm have you frozen in place.  Where to start…


Putting together strategies bores you.

 You cringe just thinking about all the work to be done.

Learning  all the technology feels like learning a foreign language…


You want to be free of your constant behind-the-scenes to-do list and enjoy your business success again.


You need strategy and implementation support to get you back on track and growing your business. Who doesn’t?


Fabulous news! You are in the right place!


I am Kate Wratten, Certified Webinar Specialist, Techy VA, and Facebook Ads Manager.


I am passionate about getting femmepreneurs back in the game and tackling their technical and marketing frustrations once and for all.


You support your clients in becoming the best version of themselves.


My goal is to do the same for YOU and YOUR business.


By providing technical, marketing, and implementation support, I give femmepreneurs the support, guidance, and knowledge they need to get back on track and on their way to all around business success.


Not sure if it is worth it? Feel like only you can complete the never-ending list of to-dos? I DARE you to chat with me. I bet we can identify endless opportunities to improve your strategy to take your business from stressful to successful.


In fact, I triple-dog-dare you to schedule your complimentary 20-minute Insight Call right now.

It’s free. No strings attached, I promise.

Get back to having fun, and achieve the greatness that your business deserves.






I grew up a small-town, horse-crazy girl, who spent countless hours in the barn, and spent the rest of my time dreaming about being in the barn. Who am I kidding, I still dream about being in the barn…


Administration All-Star

Through high school I dreamed of becoming a famous equestrian successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship was fascinating to me, but the details eluded me. I knew I wanted it, but had no concept of the how or when.


Fast-forward 6 years when I discovered the virtual assistance industry. It fascinated me. I was giddy and excited at the potential and flexibility it could provide. It was my calling. Finally an end was in sight for my boring 9-5er.


I researched my brains out. I completed all my paperwork in March 2014, and POOF, there it was, Kativa Business Solutions.


Fast-forward another month when we got the BEST NEWS EVER, our bundle of joy would be arriving in December.

Administrative Support

That was the push I needed. I worked my boring day job in a medical office until going on 12 months of maternity leave, and got all my, metaphorical, ducks in a row. Although, I have always wanted ducks…


Instead of returning to my daily commute and paying exorbitant daycare rates, I made the best leap of my life – full-time entrepreneur.


I am now a work-from-home mom, and webinar & launch all-star. I have a supportive husband and a handsome little boy, who make my world go round. I am a lover of animals, and our 2 loveable pooches are a part of the family.


Early mornings and coffee have grown on me since having our son in 2014. Give me a peaceful house and a hot, tasty cup of dark roast… GLORIOUS!


Health and WellnessMy days are filled with love, laughter, and shenanigans. It can get a little crazy around here with a toddler, 2 dogs, and a giant rabbit, but it keeps me sane and loving life.

I feel like the luckiest woman in the world, most days. Working in my cozy home office. Spending countless hours playing, baking, and chasing my little giggle-monster around the house


Occasionally I wonder what in the HECK I was thinking, but only occasionally. It is usually cut short by the most adorable smile, ever


I am grateful for everything I have, and I am excited for everything yet to come. The future holds great things, so I work hard and love harder.


Yours for success,




Kate has dedicated her life to excellence as a technical and administrative professional. She graduated from the Applied Business Technology Program, specializing in Administration, through Vancouver Island University. Kate is also trained in medical transcription. Currently, she provides technical and webinar strategies and implementation support to successful femmepreneurs. By combining youthful energy and organization, Kate creates successful strategies and with the support of her team, expert implementation support.

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